torsdag 7 augusti 2014

Nail Art - Music Festival

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Hi guys! WOW! It's been almost two months since I published the last post. I accidentally took a vacation and I think I needed that. I've missed you though! 
So, now I'm back again, and hopefully I can get some really nice blogging routines now. I've had some trouble with that for about a year now maybe. I don't know why, but I always have a lot to do, and the time just flies and I don't manage to do half of the stuff I was supposed to. So to save some time I'll write in English only from now. Hope that's okay with all of my Swedish readers.

Anyway. In the beginning of the summer I went to a music festival! It was fun, but the weather was crazy. Sunny one day, thunder the other. Someone (or maybe more than one) actually got hit by lightning! WHAT! Me and my friends are fine though.
Let me show you the nail art I rocked during the festival!

I started with painting my nails in OPI My Boyfriend Scales Walls. Love that polish. Seriously, I might need to buy another bottle soon! 
Then I stamped my pointer and my middle finger using Nordic Cap NP12, Pueen 52 and Born Pretty Store XL stamper*.
I used Make It Stick Design vinyl chevron decals for the gradient chevron nails, and sponged a gradient over using Lime Crime Peaches <3 Cream and Parfait Day. Then I removed the decals and cleaned up around the nails.
My camera hates the Lime Crime polishes, it thinks that they are washed out pastels, not bright friggin almost-neon-pastels. 

Everything is topped with Glisten & Glow HK Girl top coat

8 kommentarer:

  1. Härliga härliga naglar! <3

  2. Gillar det grafiksa mönstret. Faktum är att jag nyligen köpte en blus med ungefär samma mönster som det du stämplat. Kanske borde införskaffa mig en sådan platta för att kunna matcha;)

    1. Ja, det tycker jag verkligen! Hela setet är fantastiskt!

  3. Superfint, gillar kontrasten mellan det svartvita och den mer diskreta persiko/vita.

    1. Tack! Vad kul! Det var lite så jag tänkte när jag planerade manikyren :)


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