måndag 8 september 2014

#31DC2014 | Day 5 - Blue

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Hi guys! What's up? This post will be short 'cause I'm tired. Let's go!
Day 5 means blue and it's monday, so that means GREAT TIMING, it's blue Monday at Tove (Nail Me, click click). Take a look!

So, for these nails I started with painting two coats of Alana Renee It's A Boy which I actually won in Toves pregnancy giveaway. It's a beautiful light blue with specks of shimmer in it. They kind of drown a bit in the base though.
Then I put on one generous coat of Models Own Indian Ocean and OH MY GOD, that is stunning. It's a sheer blue based polish with duochrome shimmer that shifts from pale golden yellowish to pink. It's really pretty.
Then I used my water decal roses that Andrea (Tasty Tips, click click!) gave me for my birthday last year. Can't believe that I've had these in my drawer for almost a year. I love this look. Really.

See you tomorrow! <3
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3 kommentarer:

  1. Smart to put Indian Ocean over a blue polish. Those waterdecals are so pretty. A very nice manicure. As ususal :)

  2. Det här var ju typ hur snyggt som helst! :D Lite vintagekänsla i det hela :D


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