torsdag 11 september 2014

#31DC2014 | Day 7 - Black & White

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Hello there! So, I didn't put up a post yesterday. I thought I'd have time to post a short one, but then I went to my friends house to take a cup of coffee and then suddenly it was the middle of the night and I was like "nope, not going to edit pictures and write a post now". So. Yeah.
Here's yesterday's post, and I'll post another post later today. I hope. Lol!
Day 7 is black and white. I did a really quick manicure.

So, there's not much explaining to do here. I used Nordic Cap NP13 as my base and then stamped the crackle-ish pattern (which actually is tree branches) with plate 10 from MoYou London Suki Collection and Nordic Cap NP12. It works for stamping, but as you can see it's like it's too slippery. Which is really annoying.
Anyway, I really like how this turned out! Now I really need to study.
See you later!

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3 kommentarer:

  1. Snyggt som attan. Kul att NC funkar för stämpling. Jag tycker inte alls att det dära "slippery" störde, tvärtom i detta fall. Trädgrenarna ser lite 3d ut, du vet som om de vore perfekt skuggade överallt. Dock kan ju det vara störande i andra sammanhang men just i detta mönster tycker jag att det var en fördel.

  2. Jag trodde "slippery" ingick i manin, så om du inte sagt nåt hade jag inte vetat om det. :P Gillar manin! :) Jag har inte lyckats stämpla med min svarta NC - den var för tunn. Kanske får låta den stå öppen och se om det kan funka då.


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