About me

Hello there friends and non-friends!
My name is Martina and I am 21 years old. My birthday is in September.

I graduated 2012 after three years at LBS in Varberg, Sweden. I was studying at the media program, with focus on journalism and webdesign. I live with my sister and her boyfriend Falkenberg. I have three sisters. Two of them lives with their mother and I don't see them that often, and the last one, my two year older sister Angelica, is the super happy girl in

the first picture to the right. That cool dude is my little brother, he is 14 years old and lives with my mother. I also have a cat, she's called Loca and I love her so much. She's my little baby. I love her.
I am studying to become a web developer and I think it's so fun!

My hair has been dyed to the colours of the rainbow, and some more. I have stretched ears and piercings in my face. I'm vegan and I love lasagna!

One of my biggest interests is nail polish, and everything related, but there are some other things that makes me all warm and cozy inside. For example; Spongebob, Paramore, rainbows, colour, body modification, hair, crafts and pearls.
I'm quite childish and love everything that has to do with creativity.

If there is something on your mind, email me!

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