Blog Goals

Blog Goals For 2014

Post more often, at least three times a week.

The last year was full of excuses. This year I really need to get things done and start blogging for realz.

More nail art, more different kinds of nail art.

I really want to do another water marble, and I would love to be better at freehand nail art.

Do a serie of posts with some kind of theme.

I love posts with a theme, like Helenas (Lacky Corner) Readers Choice, or Cris (Let Them Have Polish) Muffin Monday/Truffle Tuesday. Something like that.

Get 100-200 followers on Bloglovin'.

I have 85 followers on Bloglovin' right now. I've been blogging for almost two years and I never really cared if I had a tone of followers or not. So now I think I actually deserve to have this goal, 'cause let's face it, it is more fun to blog if you know that a lot of people like to read what you publish.

Keep my untrieds under 100.

I have 175 untrieds right now. I feel so bad for them.

Swatch the polishes I've tried.

I need to take more pictures of my polishes. I have used a lot more than I have photographed.

More reviews of products and stuff.

Do you know how many reviews of none-polish products I have done? I don't even know if I've done ONE. And I use a lot of other products, like files, moisturizers and nail art stuff. I want to review those things!

Make this blog (and my collection) compleatly cruelty free.

Don't think that I need to explain this one. I want to get rid of polishes that isn't cruelty free. I want to go compleatly vegan, but let's start with cruelty free.

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